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Our vision

In a specific economic environment and in order to ensure the sustainability of our company. MCE undertakes the strengthening of its position among the leaders on the Algerian national market and the opening to the external market in terms of inspection of petroleum and industrial equipments and quality control of the equipments installation facilities.

Our mission

Increase the satisfaction of our customers by meeting their needs through best control and the development of non-destructive testing techniques as well as the optimization of the quality of our supervision services for different projects and concentrated structures.

Our values

  • Keeping Developing our company credibility in term of HSE, Ethics rules  and high professionalism.
  • Guarantee our independence and impartiality as an accredited inspection entity.
  • Ensure our organization responsibility concerning data confidentiality .
  • In order to implement this policy, we have set ourselves the following objectives:
  • Improve MCE financial capabilities by increasing our share in Algerian national market and developing or focus on abroad markets, by providing to our old and future  customers with best quality services in an efficient manner.
  • Improve the sustainable satisfaction of our customers in accordance with the applicable legal, regulatory and normative requirements.
  • Increase the range of our services by ensuring technological development.
  • Continuously improving our of staff competencies and best attitudes that have an impact on compliance with our services requirements.
  • Improve internal and external communication.

The SARL MCE staffs are resolutely committed In the way of progress to meet all legal and regulatory requirements as well as relevant customer requirements.

These commitments are subjected to continuous management quality system improvement process,

General Managing director