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 RéfProject TitleCustomerContractorStartEndPeriodActivityMobilisation MCE Engineers / Controllers
1NDT Gamma rays                                                                                                                   Supply of gas ferphos unit Tebessa project 10 km / 6″ + expansion postSONELGAZ / KDGSOTRACOA07/199912/19996 monthsGammagraphy311Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
2NDT Gamma rays                                                                                                                                Supply of gas Dahmouni city (Tiaret)  4,5 km / 4″SONELGAZ / KDGSASCOC10/199911/19992 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
3NDT Gamma rays                                                                                                                                        Reinjection water project In Amenas  Sonatrach ProductionB M C I  GROUPE25/10/0010/11/0015 day Gammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
4NDT Gamma rays                                                                                                                      Supply of gas              El-Hamadia city Bordj-BouarerridjSONELGAZ / KDGEntrepriseBouakaz10/09/0010/12/003 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
5NDT Gamma rays                                                                                                                     Gas antena project Dar-Echioukh / El DjelfaSONELGAZ / KDGEl-Moustakbal15/06/0030/11/006 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
6NDT Gamma rays                                                                                                            Revamping Siphon  d’Arzew port projectSONATRACHI M T  International10/10/0030/03/016 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
7NDTGamma rays                                                                                                                             LPG Station El GoleaSONELGAZ / KDG    Entreprise GORI  10/10/0010/01/013 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
8NDTGamma  rays Gas antenna  project BatnaSONELGAZ / KDGEnt.El.Moustakbal01/02/0101/10/018 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
9  NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                               Gas Antenna  project Mahdia50 Km / 8″SONELGAZ / KDGS T P O02/07/0101/07/0212 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
10NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                               Gas Antenna  project TouffanaFaïs 20 Km/ 8″SONELGAZ / KDGSOP Canalisation19/03/0130/11/017 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
11NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                               Gas Antenna  project HadjerEddis 2 Km/4″SONELGAZ / KDGSATGEB24/09/0124/09/043 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
12NDTGamma  raysGas Antenna  project Bordj-Bouarreridj5Km/4″SONELGAZ / KDG  SOTRACOA18/06/0117/09/013 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
13NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project AînEl.Hadjar 7,5 Km/4″SONELGAZ / KDGE T U H P18/06/0117/10/014 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
14NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Loading lines project ø 40″  6 Km – ArzewSONATRACH / RTOS A R P I10/03/019/03/0212 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
15NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project Aïn-Bey12 Km / 8″SONELGAZ / KDGDjouadiDjemaa08/07/0107/12/014 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
16NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project Aïn-Arenet14 Km / 8″SONELGAZ / KDGETB BOUAKAZ04/07/0103/11/014 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
17NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project Khelouia Mascara                     5 Km /4”SONELGAZ / KDGM.G.C17/12/0117/03/023 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
18NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project OueldSmaïnTelaghma –  6 Km / 4″SONELGAZ / KDGE.R.C.O.S15/12/0101/03/023 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
19NDTGamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Projectsea line                              Port de BethiouaSONATRACH     RTOIMT International01/07/0201/03/038 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
20NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project  AïnBabouche12 Km / 8”SONELGAZ / KDGCOSIDER15/08/0230/09/021,5 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
21NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project                  75,5 Km /16”SONELGAZ / KDGCOSIDER01/10/0231/03/035 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
22NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          storage tanks                SP1 / SP2 / SP5SONATRACHSpieCapag MES01/11/0201/05/036 monthsGammagraphy2111Radiologues Inspector.   Gammagraphy Laboratory
23NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                               Gas Antenna  project Sedrata47 Km / Ø 8″SONELGAZ / KDGERCOS09/0212/0316     monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
24NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project Mahdia11 KmSONELGAZ / GRTG  M.G.C07/0312/036 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
25NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project Tissemsilt10 KmSONELGAZ / KDGKANAGHAZ09/0312/033monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
26NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project Tichy3 KmSONELGAZ / KDGE T U H P10/0312/032 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
27NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Storage tanks project OK1  SONATRACH / TRCM.E.S10/0312/032 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
28NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project RhourdeNoussSONATRACH / DPSONATRACH /DP01/03/0401/03/0624 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
29NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project BougtoubSONELGAZ / GRTGE T U H P04/0402/0510    monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
30NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project HaoudBerkaouiSONATRACH / DPSONATRACH / DP09/0409/0624 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
31NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project El Bayad90 Km, 12″SONELGAZ / KDGEurl ZIANI09/0409/0512 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
32NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project TissemsiltSONELGAZ / KDGHBTP05/0508/0503 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
33NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project LaghouatSONELGAZ / GRTGC.B.N05/0508/0503 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
34NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project DjelfaSONELGAZ / GRTGSté TIGRINE02/0602/0712 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
35NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project ChenoixSONELGAZ / GRTGNAFCO03/0606/0603 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
36NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project EucalyptusSONELGAZ / GRTGN A F T04/0607/0603 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
37NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project BordjBouArreridjSONELGAZ / GRTGSNC EL AMEL06/0609/0603 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
38NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project RhourdeNoussSONATRACH / DPSONATRACH/ DP01/05/06Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy12 1 Inspector     Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
39NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          Gas Antenna  project SH/DRC – ArzewSONATRACH / DRCSONATRACH / DRC29/04/07Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1311Inspector Radiologues Gammagraphy  Laboratory
40NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          SARPI project pumping station NK1SONATRACH / TRCSARPI12/07Achieved06 monthsGammagraphy211Radiologues  Gammagraphy Laboratory
41NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          projectRhourde El NoussSONATRACH/DPSONATRACH/DP07/10/08Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211 Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
42NDT Gamma  rays                                                                                                                                          project HaoudBerkaoui    SONATRACH/DPSONATRACH/DP02/11/08  Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
43Sarpi Gamma rays project Electric stationBatna,Msila,Naftalport,Crude oil pipe 24 OB1,Pumping station SP3SONELGAZ NAFTAL SONATRACH31/03/08Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
44NDT Gamma rays Gas Antenna projectSONELGAZ/GRTGETBH/GHOUFI02/09Achieved6 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
45NDT Gamma rays project Dam DouiraSONELGAZ/GRTGNUROL06/09Achieved3 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
46NDT Gamma rays project GK3 AzzabaSONATRACHSICILSALDO01/10Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1611Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
47NDT Gamma rays project El MerkPETROFACPETROJET08/10Achieved3 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
48NDT Gamma rays project El MerkPETROFACSARPI09/10Achieved3 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
49NDT Gamma rays project GK3 AzzabaSONATRACHOJEC01/11Achieved12 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
50NDT Gamma rays project SH/DRC Arzew Batch 01&02SONATRACH/DRCSONATRACH/DC09/12Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
51NDT Gamma rays project tanks refined productsPETROFACCR METAL BLIDA10/12Achieved03 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
52NDT Ultrasonic project Electric station BatnaSONELGAZ KDMANSALDO10/12Achieved01        monthUltrasonic1Inspector
53NDT Ultrasonic project Electric station BatnaSONELGAZ KDMANSALDO11/12Achieved15 daysUltrasonic1Inspector  
54NDT Gamma rays Project Extension  of Algiers refinerySONATRACHORASCOM    TECHNIP10/13AchievedGammagraphy1211Inspector       Radiologues Gammagraph Laboratory
55NDT Gamma rays projectSONATRACH/DRC RHOURDE NOUSSSONATRACH/DC08/15Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
56NDT Gamma rays project SH/DRC ArzewSONATRACH/DRCSONATRACH/DC12/15Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
57NDT Gamma rays project    SONATRACH/DRC GASSI TOUILSONATRACH/DC02/16Achieved24 monthsGammagraphy1211Inspector              Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
58X-ray and interpretation of weld joints Mechanical tests and chemical analyzes of steels Project SH/DRC ArzewSONATRACH / DRCSONATRACH / DRC06/18 Ongoing24 monthsGammagraphy (X-RAY)1211Inspector Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
59Radiographic inspection of weldsSONATRACH/DP GASSI TOUILSONATRACH/DP09/18Ongoing24 monthsGammagraphy (X-RAY)1211Inspector  Radiologues Gammagraphy Laboratory
60Radiographic and weld inspection services, Ultrasonic corrosion inspectionSONATRACH/DP Rhourde El Baguel (REB)SONATRACH/DP11/18Ongoing24        monthsGammagraphy (X-RAY)2211Inspector Radiologists                Gammagraphy            Laboratory
61Radiographic inspection of weldsSONATRACH/DP RHOURDE NOUSSSONATRACH/DP11/19Ongoing06monthsGammagraphy (X-RAY)1211Inspector Radiologists                Gammagraphy            Laboratory
62Industrial X and Gamma Radiography, Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Ultrasound for piping and capacities of the CPF & OFF SITEGroupement       TOUAT GAZGroupement       TOUAT GAZ11/19Ongoing36 monthsGammagraphy (X-RAY)2   2Inspectors Level II (RT-MT-UT)         Radiologists
63Regulatory technical inspections of APG, APE and APL equipment at sites in the West RTO transport regionSONATRACH RTOSONATRACH RTO07/19Ongoing36 monthsRegulatory control12APE Inspector              APV/G-APL Inspector
64Non-destructive testing of welds by radiographic examination (GAMMA RAY and/or X-RAY)SARPI SPASARPI SPA13/02/20Ongoing12 monthsGammagraphy X-RAY Control1  4 2 1 CND Inspector Level II (RT)       Radiologists Gammagraphy Laboratory
65X-ray inspection of LPG 1750kg, LPG /C (10-20 and 30M3) tanks  EPE MAGIEPE MAGI10/09/20Ongoing18 monthsGammagraphy (X-RAY)(X-RAY)1   2 1 2  CND Inspector Level II (RT)                            Radiologists Gammagraphy Laboratory
66CND inspection of the SEKLAFA dam footbridgeCOSIDER                      COSIDER23/12/20 OngoingConstruction timeX-RAY Control1   21 2CND Inspector Level II (RT-UT-PT)           Radiologists                Gammagraphy Laboratory
67Non-destructive testing of welds by radiographic examination (GAMMA RAY and/or X-RAY) Project: Connection of Oil Wells at the RAA, RAMA, BEK, NHBJN and DRC Fields – BIR SBAA, and Project: Laying 10’’ HP line buried between MFD Gaz lift and ZCINA and MFD gaz HP Wilaya d’OuarglaSARPI SPASARPI SPA01/202107/202218 monthsX-RAY Control1211Inspector Radiologists                Gammagraphy            Laboratory
68Non-destructive testing of welds by radiographic examination (GAMMA RAY and/or X-RAY) Project: Realization of a collection network for the connection of wells to TINERKOUK-TNK EPM-SARPI SPASARPI SPA05/202111/202218 monthsX-RAY Control1211Inspector Radiologists                Gammagraphy            Laboratory
69Non-destructive testing service by RT Radiography and UT Ultrasound, for the Rhourde El Baguel Regional Directorate  SONATRACH/DP Rhourde El Baguel (REB)SONATRACH/DP08/202102/2023 Ongoing18 monthsX-RAY  Control1411VIN II Controllers              Radiologists                Gammagraphy            Laboratory
70Regulatory safety control of the facilities of the laboratories division, Boumerdes and Hassi MessaoudSONATRACH Laboratory Boumerdes  SONATRACH Lab Division Boumerdes  06/202106/202436 monthsRegulatory control 2 APE Inspector 2 APV/G                      inspectors 2 APL inspectors