RéfProject TitleCustomerContractorStartEndPeriodActivityMobilisation MCE Engineers / Controllers
1Rehabilitation pipe NZ1-28″ – condensateSONATRACH/ RTOSARPI12/199612/200048 monthsWelding control Coating 6
  2  Rehabilitation pipe NZ1-16″ –LPG  SONATRACH/ RTO  Sonatrach / DRC  02/1998  06/2000    29 months  Welding control Coating   3
3Fabrication of columnsandpressure vessels SIMAS – HassiAmeurSonatrachProject HassiBerkine  Phase 1BRC et Raytheon Quality Programs  USA03/1998Achieved8 monthsPiping control Welding 3
4Sphere LPG – 3000 m³ – Skikdarefinery NaftecENCC07/199712/199818 monthsErection control     Welding 1
5Development of field  HassiBerkine – Phase 1Sonatrach ProductionBrow – Root & Condor01/199706/199818 monthsPiping control     Welding 1
6Development of  TFT FieldSonatrach ProductionBrown – Root International06/199706/199812 monthsFabrication Control              ECM-Sidi Moussa 1
7Rehabilitation Pipes   26″ et 16″ – AlgiersPort AlgiersRefineryNaftecENAC10/199606/200270 monthsWelding control Coating                    Civil Engineering 5
8Expertise Ship          Seament IVSEAMENT IV  OM behalf of insurance  Company – Landon09/199710/19974 weekSheets inspection Ultrasonic 1
9Expertise Ship          Seament ISEAMENT IV  OM behalf of insurance  Company – Landon08/199809/19984 weekSheets inspection Ultrasonic 1
10Laying out of pipes 6″, 8″ et 10″ – BethiouaNaftal Division Aviation MarineGTP10/199812/199915 monthsWelding control Painting                     Civil Engineering 2
11Woks on harbour installationsSonatrach/ RTOSonatrach DRC12/199812/199912 monthsWelding control Painting                     Civil Engineering 1
12Boeing shelter             AlgiersAirPortAir AlgérieSNC Lavalin International08/199807/199911 monthsQuality control  fabrication            Steel structure Batimetal/Algiers 1
13Follow up and control erection 2 storage tanks pumping station                  SP4 HassiR’melSONATRACH/ RTOENCC – TARSI04/199901/200010 monthsQuality     Welding x- rays Errection Instrumentation electrical 4
14Expertise pipes 16″ & 20″ Marine Centre BethiouaNAFTAL Division Aviation Marine28/08/00Achieved2 monthsUltrasonic inspection   Insulation           Civil Engineering 2
15  Ultrasonic inspection of welding                                                                                                              Air Algérie shelter projectAir Algérie  S N C  LAVALIN  15/04/00Achieved3 monthsQuality control fabrication              Steel structure 1
16Fuel storage tank erection works controlNAFTAL / CaroubierE.N.C.C / BATENCO15/01/01Achieved33 monthsErrection control Welding 3    
17Supervision of works – OURHOUD projectSONATRACH AssociationB E R E P15/05/01Achieved48 monthsSupervision welding CND Electricity Mechanic 18
18Supervision of works – Mesdar TerminalSONATRACHSOFRESID15/06/02Achieved13 monthsSupervision welding CND Electricity Mechanic 3
19Crude oil pipe deviation OG1/20″& pumping station project.SONATRACH TRCBRC           CONDOR02/03/03Achieved33 monthsControl & follow up construction works 16
20Pumping station  Project OK1.SONATRACH TRCABB SADELMI01/06/02Achieved24 monthsControl & follow up construction works 10
21  Supervision and control work –  Gas Antennas                    (National territory)SONELGAZ / GRTGvarious27/07/05Achieved12 monthsControl & follow up construction works 36               supervisors
22Supervision of works – pumping  station Project Laghouat  BEREP / Ecolaire (Spain)B.R.C08/06/05AchievedControl & follow up construction works 1
23Supervision and control work –  Gas Antennas                    (National territory)SONELGAZ / GRTGdivers01/07/06Achieved12 monthsControl & follow up construction works 26               supervisors
24Follow up and control Project rehabilitation  Gas pipeline GK1 40 ”  AïnDjasser / SkikdaSONATRACH / TRCSTROYTANGAZ01/10/06Achieved22 monthsQuality control &monitoredwork 24                   Supervisor
25Follow-up and control – Project construction  Pipeline NK1 30 ”    NorthenBatch SkikdaSONATRACH / TRCPETROJET01/10/06Achieved26 monthsQuality control &monitoredwork 27               supervisors
26Follow up and control  of works oil pipe lin42″ZouitiniOil Co.LIBO / ITS09/2006Achieved09 monthsQuality control &monitorework 22               supervisors
27Follow up and control  of works compression station MEDGAZMEDGAZ S.ASPIE CAPAG08/2007Achieved24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 10 supervisors
28Exploitation of the compression station MEDGAZ  MEDGAZ S.ASPIE CAPAG01/10/08 renewedUnder operation12 monthsExploitation operation 15 agents
29Supervision and control work –  Gas Antennas                    (National territory)SONELGAZ / GRTGdivers09/2011Achieved36 monthsControl & follow up construction works 60 supervisors
30Follow-up and control – Project construction Gas pipe GR4 48”Shouthern batch RhourdeNouss/HassiR’melSONATRACH/TRCCOSIDER09/2011Achieved24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 25 supervisors
31Follow-up and control – Project rehabilitation Gas pipe 42” R.GZ3 Batch Nador/SC5/KenandaSONATRACH/TRCENAC09/2012Achieved24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 25 supervisors
32follow up and control quality assurance local part Project GroupementBirSebaSONATRACH ASSOCIATIONGroupement    BIR SEBA10/12Achieved36 monthsQuality control & monitored work 30 supervisors  
33Follow up and control project construction Gas pipe GR5 48″ Batch 01 Reggan/KrechbaSONATRACH/TRCCosider           GTT                 GCB01/13Achieved36 monthsQuality control & monitored work 18 supervisors  
34Follow up and control project rehabilitation Gas pipe GZ3 42″ SC5 KennandaSONATRACH/TRCENAC10/14Achieved24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 13 supervisors
35Follow up and control project construction stocage tank condosate 51.200 m³ SkikdaSONATRACH/TRCMES11/14ongoing26 monthsQuality control & monitored work 10 supervisors
36Follow up and control project rehabilitation Gas pipe GZ3 42″ SC5 Kennanda/ ArzewSONATRACH/TRCENAC12/14Achieved24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 24 supervisors
37NDT services Gas Antennas high pressureSONALGAZ GRTGDivers12/15Achieved36 monthsNDT Services 50 Inspectors level II
38Quality control and monitoring of construction of the pumping station in Hassi messaoudSONATRACH TRCCPECC10/16Achieved32 monthsQuality control & monitored work 18 supervisors
39Quality control and monitoring of construction of hotel and camp in Hassi r’mellSONATRACH TRCGCB Spa7/18ongoing24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 18 supervisors
40Quality control and monitoring of construction of the campat TFTSONATRACH TRCKOUGC12/18ongoing26 monthsQuality control & monitored work 09 supervisors
41Quality control and monitoring of construction EPC of GAZODUC EGPDF 48’’SONATRACH TRCCOSIDER & ENAC01/19ongoing24 monthsQuality control & monitored work 34 supervisors
42Quality control and monitoring of construction of the GAZODUC 28’’ ADRARSONATRACH TRCCOSIDER& ENAC01/19ongoing12 monthsQuality control & monitored work 24 supervisors
43Quality control and monitoring of construction of the Compression station GZ1,GZ2,GZ3SONATRACH TRCCOBRA09/19ongoing36 monthsQuality control & monitored work 22 supervisors
44Quality Control and Project Monitoring Services Supply, Installation and Commissioning of New Cathodic Protection Systems for the Pipeline (Hassi R’mel-Arzew) “RTO”SONATRACH TRCENAC06/202104/202320 monthsQuality control & monitored work 08 supervisors
45Rehabilitation services of the pipeline/OH1/30’’ In Amenas – Haoud El HamraPipe laying works supervision serviceFPISONATRACH09/202103/202208 monthsQuality control and monitoring of rehabilitation works 16 supervisors
46Quality control services and monitoring of the compliance project  fordetection/extinguishing systems and fire protection networks of RTO transport facilities (Laghouat – Hassi R’Mel area)SONATRACH TRCENAC10/202110/202436 monthsQuality control & monitored work 07 supervisors